We invest in and unlock value
of potential leading companies in China.
Leveraging deep thematic research, we seek to invest into leading growth stage companies in China before they are widely known to others.
in AUM
Established in 2015, Loyal Valley Capital (LVC) is a thematic, research-driven private equity firm with strong entrepreneurial culture that invests in companies positioned to benefit from the secular industry transformations in China. With over US$3.5 billion of assets under management, LVC mainly focuses on three key sectors: New Consumer, Healthcare, and Advanced Manufacturing. We pride ourselves as a trusted influential shareholder by entrepreneurs, relentlessly focused on active value creation and accelerating growth via strategic initiatives through our extensive network of business leaders in China. LVC manages capital on behalf of international institutional investors such as sovereign wealth funds, funds of funds, private banks, and family offices, as well as elite entrepreneurs and founders of China’s Fortune 500 enterprises.
Our Strategy
We focus on 3 strategic sectors that represent the future growth trajectory of China
Advanced Manufacturing
Our Mission & Values
Empower great companies of tomorrow, making the world a better place.
Integrity、Professionalism、Long-term、Devotion、Sharing、Humility & Reflection.
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